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Be wild. Let the mustangs of the West guide you through their rugged landscape. Discover bold new terrain, unseen sights, and new adventures with the Equine collection. Embrace the history of the Wild West, and accept the Mustang as it is, unapologetic, bold, and beautiful. A proud symbol of discovery and diversity, the Equine photography collection encapsulates the pioneer spirit.

The Making of Equine


Pinetop, Arizona - 162 miles from Arizona

Cold Creek, Nevada - 362 miles from Arizona

Lower Salt River - 62 miles from Arizona

More Equine Facts:

  • Nearly 80,000 wild horses roam areas in the Southwestern United States
  • The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act passed by United States Congress in 1971 offers protection to these animals
  • Each year the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agency spends over $80 million to inhumanely round up thousands of wild horses and burros, many of these animals remain in holding pens and pastures for life.

Growing up in Minnesota, I had no exposure to the wild horses of the American southwest. It was only when I moved to Las Vegas that I stumbled upon these commanding, resilient horses. One of my favorite things about this collection is the spontaneity in capturing an image of a wild horse. It’s a very lucky observation. These are not the beautiful studio-lit dressage horses. These are creatures that evoke a pioneer spirit. They are resilient, living symbols of freedom. It is a powerful feeling to capture the essence of America in this way - not the big cities, the impressive beaches, nor the celeb culture, but the raw, pioneering, Wild West.

I worked on this collection in partnership with the American Wild Horse Campaign. They’re the leaders in protecting wild mustangs and burros in the United States. Thank you for supporting this collection and the American Wild Horse Campaign.

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