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Transport to the wild, rugged beauty of Kenya. This collection owes its beauty to the Samburu Tribe or the Butterfly People. Remain in awe throughout this collection of the stark landscape of the Great Rift Valley contrasting boldly to the wild, vivacious colors that this Kenyan tribe wears proudly. A collection like no other, this photography encapsulates the juxtaposition of vivid colors with near monochromatic nature.

The Making of Sambaru


Samburu, Kenya - 9,338 miles from Arizona

More Sambaru Facts:

  • Semi-nomadic pastoralists who herd mainly cattle, but also sheep, goats and camels, Known as The Butterfly People, Samburu speak the Samburu dialect of the Maa language, which is a Nilotic language.
  • The Maa language is also spoken by other 22 sub tribes of the Maa community otherwise known as the Maasai.

This collection was captured on my fortieth birthday trip on safari in Kenya. It was a whirlwind eight-day journey, traversing through the countryside by car. We drove through gorgeous towns and villages, where we were completely immersed in the country and its culture.

During that trip, I was blessed to spend a day with the Samburu people, hearing their stories and capturing their images in vivid color. As I met with these incredible women and girls, I found myself in my very own AHA moment. This is my favorite collection because it marks the moment I found my calling. As a photographer and activist, my soul’s purpose is to share the beauty and magnificence of other ways of life, so that we can all understand and support each other as one human family.

As a result of my photography work in Kenya, I partnered with Save Samburu; a charity that helps to peer educate at the village level, empower women and create a more equal society. Each piece donates a portion of its proceeds back to the women and girls of Samburu. Thank you for supporting this work and participating in the creation of a more equitable world.

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