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Exciting and bold, the Wildlife collection pays homage to some of the greatest animals on earth. Each of the animals in this collection remains sight unseen to millions of people on earth, yet are precious, protected, and loved by millions more. Soar to new heights with the Giraffes, follow the herd of African Elephants or Roar with the King of the Jungle.

The Making of Wildlife


Samburu, Kenya - 9,338 miles from Arizona

Maasai Mara, Kenya - 9,332 miles from Arizona

MalaMala, South Africa - 10,146 miles from Arizona

Lake Nakuru, Kenya - 9,352 miles from Arizona

Boulders Beach, South Africa - 9,603 miles from Arizona

More Wildlife Facts:

  • Rhino poaching in southern African continues at an alarming rate. Since 2008, more than 8,000 rhinos have been poached in South Africa alone.
  • There are an estimated 44 millions acres of land in Africa on which lions roam that is currently unprotected or under hunting management.
  • 60% of the remaining 20-30,000 lions live under no protection at all on this land.

Witnessing some of the most widely admired, yet mostly unseen wildlife is a true privilege of being a photographer. The photographs from this collection come from the wilds of Botswana, Kenya, and South Africa. This collection is especially dear to me because it embodies my history of working with animals, both as a biologist and wildlife advocate. Proceeds from these photographs go toward the Great Plains Foundation. Located in Botswana, this foundation focuses on establishing sustainable wildlife tourism in previously poached areas. As a result of their work, villages in Botswana are finding new ways to earn a better living and previously endangered species are returning to the area. Thank you for supporting conservation efforts and bringing the beauty of Wildlife to your home.

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