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Samburu | No. 4

Samburu Tribe of Kenya

The Samburu Tribe, also known as the Butterfly People, are known for their semi-nomadic lifestyle and brightly colored clothing and beaded jewelry.  They are close relatives of the Masaai, staying in their menyattas, or huts, for 4-5 years before moving on to another settlement.

The village is made up of little huts made of sticks, mud and cow dung, where each wife of a polygamous marriage has her own home.  A thorny fence surrounds their village to protect from wild animals.

The dry, desolate and arid environment can be quite a harsh environment to live in.  Placed near the foothills of Mount Kenya, don’t be fooled into thinking they have lush, green lands.  The Great Rift Valley where they live can be quite barren and monochromatic, thus enhancing the extraordinary colored clothing and jewelry they wear which can be easily recognized from a distance.

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